Wednesday, November 14, 2012

German Submarine U-Boot VIIC 1:72 scale

  The Kit Revell Germany , 1:72 scale, length: 93.3cm. The U-Bott type VII-C is the best known German Submarine from World War.

 Colors: Model Master RLM72(4782), RLM70(4786), RLM63(4777), RLM02(4770), RLM74(4764), Rust (4675), and Humbrol 171 Antique Bronze
 Tamiya Colors: Flat Black XF-1, Flat Yellow XF-3, Dark Iron XF-84, Chrome Sliver X-11, RLM Grey XF-22, Gun Metal X-10, Clear Green X-25, Clear Red X-27.

 One of the best-known type VII-C submarine was the U552. Built by Blohm and Voss it went into service on 4th December 1940. It became known as the "Red Devil". not only due to the conspicuous painting on its tower, but also because on 15 successful missions against the enemy, 30 ships with a total tonnage of 152,250GRT were sunk by this sub alone. The first Commander of the U552 was Erich Topp. one of the most decorated German officer in the Second World War.

 Technical Data: Length 67.1m, Two 2.800hp diesel engines gave a top speed of 17.6 Knots surfaced, 2 battery driven electric motors gave a top speed of 7.6 knots dived, minimum depth 100m, crew 44 men.