Sunday, January 15, 2012

MIG-15 Bis, URSS 1951

The model Tamiya Kit, 1:48 scale . Built by Rafael Valera (IPMS Venezuela, Club Avila, Caracas Venezuela).

F-86F Sabre Escuadron Cazas No.36 Venezuelan Air Force.

This Models was built by Rafael Valera ( IPMS Venezuela, Club Avila, Caracas Venezuela ).

The Kit 1:72 scale Academy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

North American (Rockwell) OV-10D Bronco Venezuelan Air Force

The kit I used in this project was the 1:72 scale Academy OV-10D Bronco

The Venezuelan OV-10 Bronco were painted in a four color camouflage scheme, the bottom surface were painted in overall Gray FS 36559 ( Model Master 1733). The top surface were painted in a disruptive pattern of Tan FS 30219 (Model Master 1742), Green FS 34102 (Model Master 1713), and Dark Green FS34052 (Model Master 2025).