Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hawker Typhoon MkI.B Tear Drop Canopy, 1:48 scale (198 Squadron, March 1944)

Typhoon MkI.B MM987 of Squadron Ldr. J.R. Baldwin, OC 198 Squadron, Manston, March, 1944
Hasegawa Kit 1:48 scale
Apply Tamiya Cockp. Green XF-71

A touch of Model Wash Vallejo 76.517 Dark Gray

Apply Plastic Putty for filling gaps...
A first base of Surface Primer Gray Vallejo 73601
For the pre shade I apply surface primer Vallejo black 73602

Model Master Medium Sea Gray for the bottom

Masking the bottom
Apply Model Master Ocean Gray on the top

Masking of the upper part with the camouflage pattern of approximate 1:48scale copy of the camo

Applied of the second color R.A.F Dark Green Model Master Acryl

Painted identification details

Futur applied for glossy finish

Decals Works....