Sunday, February 20, 2022

Mitsubishi A6M5a Zero Fighter Type 52, 1:48 scale.

Aircraft Carrier Junyo Equipped 652nd Naval Air Corps Affiliated Aircraft (320-71), June 1944.
Takara Micro World Kit, 1:48 scale, the parts are all pre-painted, but require assembly.


Sunday, February 13, 2022

HA-1112 Hispano "BUCHON" 1:48 scale

Hispano HA.1112-M1L Buchon, C.4K-156 Spanish Air Force

Model Air Vallejo RLM66 (71055)Black Grey for the interior.

Filling gap....Plastic Putty Vallejo 70401 and Mr. Surfacer 1000

Surface Primer Vallejo 77660 Gloss Black
Acrykic Metal Color Vallejo 77701 Aluminium

Humbrol Color 157 Azure Blue for the bottom
Masking the ruder
Tamiya X-2 Gloss White 
Decals Works....

Weathering works...