Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Polikarpov I-16 Type 5. CM-125 (Rata/Mosca) 1:48 scale.

CM-125 ,4th Squadron I-16 probably as it appeared in 1938. The Pilots are said to include both Morales and Zarauza. This aircraft continued the tradition of 4th Squadron "Popeye" motifs. The Pilot Manuel Zarauza Clavero had more than 100 dogfights with 23 confirmed Kills.
Hobby Craft Kit 1:48 scale

Interior color Humbrol 175 and Model Wash Black.

Plastic putty for Filling gaps...

Pre-shade whit surface primer black...

masking the bottom color...AV71251 Light blue...

Top color AV71410 All Zashchitnyi Camo Green.
Masking....for the Red bands..
TamiyaX-7 Red.

Masking Canopy

Interior color humbrol 175
Decals and weathering...

Weathering effect


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