Saturday, November 20, 2010


The Dornier Do 335A Pfeil ( Arrow) was one of the most unusual fighters of the Luftwaffe's, its most salient characteristic was the tractor/pusher, two propeller combination, but the cross-shaped tail and forward positioned landing gear also contributed to its unique appearance.
Two 1750hp Daimler Benz 603 engines allowed for a top speed of 750km/h.

The Do335 had one 30mm machine gun in the axis of the nose propeller and two 20mm machine guns over the engine. The fighter/bomber could carry up to 1000kg of bombs.

The top surface was camouflaged in a dark green - green/yellow and underside
was finished in light blue. In July 1944, the Air Ministry issued instructions to change the top camouflage to RLM81 brown-violet and RLM82 light green
1:48 scale Tamiya Kit. Do335 A-0W. Nr.240102.

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  1. Beautiful work! Very inspirational indeed.