Friday, April 3, 2015

AICHI M6A1 SEIRAN 1:48 scale

 The Imperial Japanese Navy, It decided to plan surprise attacks to the Panama Canal by special Submarineborne aircraft at the beginning of 1942. The plane was the Aichi M6A1 Seiran, designed exclusively for this one exceptional mission.The Aichi Aircraft Company received an order for limited production from the Navy in May 1944. The engine was a 12 cylinder liquid-cooled Atsuta 32, ehuch was based on the German Daimler-Benz DB603. A 12.7mm,type-2 flex mounted machine gun was equipped at the rear, and a torpedo or a 250kg/800kg bomb could be carried.The Seiran was to be carried by the I-400 Class submarine in the hanger tube of 4.2m in diameter and 30.5 in length. the hanger tube was capable of holding three Seirans. They were stored on catapult launching cars with armaments for quick ejection after surfacing. To cope with the space limitation, the Seiran was designed to conserve space by folding the wings. 28 Seiran including a Nanzan, were produced in total by 1945, and submersible carriers for them, the I-400 and I-401, were completed almost simultaneously.
 I used the Tamiya Kit  (61054)1:48 scale

 Tamiya colors for the interior XF-22 RLM Grey

 I used Tamiya, Vallejo and Humbrol color for the dolly

 I did a lot of  nato black (Vallejo) pre-shading along panel lines
 I mask all of the panels of the cockpit, I framed each with thin strip of Tamiya tape and painting with tamiya XF-22

  I use tamiya XF-12 J.N Grey for the bottom

 I used Tamiya XF-11 J.N Green for the top color

 I applied Future and Models Master Acrylic gloss clear for decaling
I applied  decals, using Micro Set and Micro Sol solution to make them settle into surface

 I air brushed yellow (Tamiya XF-3) 95% and orange (Tamiya X-6) 5% on the wings

 Then I sealed everythins with clear flat acrylic Model Master.

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